Actions YOU can take to make America great

Small Businesses

Local businesses are the heart and soul of our communities. And they are facing a crisis. Social distancing and government-mandated shutdowns are disproportionately affecting businesses that need foot traffic to survive. Donate to the Small Business Relief Fund.

Boycott Big Tech

Purge yourself of big tech. Replace Google and Facebook with ethical alternatives. View all the resources here.

Free Speech

Help keep the internet a place for free speech. Stop letting those big tech companies steal then sell your private data. Donate to the Electronic Frontier Foundation so they can continue working hard to protect your freedoms and privacy.


Xi Jinping and the Communist Party in China are keeping people in concentration camps and lying to their own citizens and the rest of the world about it. Help provide humanitarian relief for those being persecuted.

Sex Trafficking

There are so many children being sex trafficked in this country. Help end human trafficking by donating to organizations like Shared Hope International.


Wikipedia has always provided us with free, reliable information. Help protect the human right to free and open knowledge for everyone by donating.